New Release: Song Book, Vol. 3 for Wind Quintet + Percussion

Scored for wind quintet and percussion soloist, Song Book, Vol. 3 was commissioned by the award winning quintet, WindSync. The collection features four pieces written as musical thank-you’s for artists who have inspired me. Sheet music is now available if you are interested in performing the piece! Here is a video performance of WindSync and I performing the first movement, “Byrne”, captured beautifully by Four/Ten Media:

Byrne was written in the spirit of David Byrne and Talking Heads. As is the case with much of David’s music, Byrne is dancy and quirky, with rhythmic grooves and riffs at the forefront of the music. Thom was written with Thom Yorke in mind. He’s a soulfully gifted singer / songwriter who can take a simple motive and craft it into something beautiful. St. Annie was written with Annie Clark in mind. She’s a breath of fresh air for me and one of my favorite artists. While her project, St. Vincent, is known for a wild stage show, some of my favorite Annie songs are the ones that are stripped down to minimal instrumentation and presentation. I hope this moment in the collection gives listeners a chance to breathe, as Annie’s music does for me. To end the song book, I wanted to write something hopeful. Written in the spirit of Jónsi Birgisson and his band, Sigur Rós, Jónsi threads elements of his musical language with my own percussive way of thinking. Perhaps if Jónsi became a percussionist, he might write something that sounds kind of like this.

WindSync and I premiered Song Book, Vol. 3 in Houston, TX at Miller Outdoor Theatre on September 29, 2018. Thanks to Kara, Anni, Emily, Julian and Garrett for helping bring this music to life.

– Ivan Trevino, 2019