NEW RELEASE: Crossroads for marimba and cajon duo

I wrote a new duo! Introducing Crossroads for marimba and cajon duo:

Sheet music is available here.

I wrote the piece for award winning percussionist, Bryce Turner, who also performs with me in the video above.

Crossroads is an intersection of rhythmic complexity and melodic simplicity. Throughout the piece, the two players share complex unison rhythms, requiring focused attention to groove and time. This is underscored by the addition of simple melodic figures, adding another element for the players to navigate. At times, the cajón player is asked to simultaneously play deskbells with feet.

The goal is to create a blitz of tight rhythms and grooves while also bringing clarity to the simple, often times singable, melodic ideas. This juxtaposition makes Crossroads one of the most technically and musically demanding pieces I’ve written.

Coincidentally, Bryce and I were both born in the small Texas town of Victoria, known as “The Crossroads” of South Texas.