Episode 4: Revisiting PASIC 2018

After a two year hiatus, the Aaron and Ivan Podcast is back! In this episode, THE WORST INTRO TO A PODCAST EVER (vol. 2), we revisit The Big Trouble’s PASIC 2018 concert, Aaron offers some funny parenting advice and much more. Episode photo credit: HPK Creative Arts.

Mentions / shout-outs to the following friends: Drew Worden, Maria Finkelmeier, Rob Honstein, Todd Meehan, Baylor Percussion Group, Mark Boseman, Joshua Simonds, Madeleine McQueen, Sam Um, Sarah Staebell, Amanda Trevino, Elliot Cole, Gabriella Mayer, Ben Pitt, George Clements, Mark Boseman, Jason Treuting, Doug Perkins, Sam Um, Stella Perlic, Gabriella Mayer, Danny from Chosen Vale, Lagan Percussion, Ricky Bracamontes, Taylor Davis, James Ferris, Stephen Seymour, Chris Mead, A&F Drum Co., Evans Drumheads, Malletech Instruments, Vic Firth, Zildjian, MalletLab, Meinl Percussion, Yamaha, DW Drums, Berkner High School Percussion, Vista Ridge High School Percussion, Glenn Choe, Nate Wood, Nate Smith, Megan Arns, University of Missouri Mbira Ensemble, Musekiwa Chingodza, Chris Jones, Erik Forst.

Episode 3 (mini podcast): Road trip shenanigans

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Episode 3: On this mini-episode, Aaron and Ivan record some of their road trip to Pennsylvania. They discuss coffee, food, our “sponsors”, and make fun of each other for 13 minutes. Guest starring Drew Worden and Mark Boseman.

Episode 2: Stories from Eastman

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Episode 2: Aaron and Ivan revisit their Eastman School of Music days, including: Aaron’s first day pants problem // Ivan’s music theory placement test // The bass incident // Audition days // The milk chugging contest // Ivan on Frederick Fennell // Aaron on Bob Brookmeyer // What makes us happy, mad and more…

All episodes feature music written by Aaron and Ivan, performed this week by:
Bending and Breaking
Scatter Percussion
Michael Burritt & Ivan Trevino
Phillip O’Banion (Karma Loop from his album Digital Divide)
University of Tennessee at Martin Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Julie Hill

Episode 1

My good friend Aaron Staebell and I started a music podcast. We thought really hard about the name and decided to call it the Aaron and Ivan Podcast. Listen and subscribe on iTunes.

We don’t know what we are doing so it’s hilarious. Background music at random times, bad editing, funny stories, but also good info about percussion and music. It’s probably very similar to having coffee or drinks with us.