Immigrant Song – Fundraiser

July 30 UPDATE: The Immigrant Song fundraiser has ended and I’m overwhelmed with the amount of support shown by friends, colleagues and strangers alike. From July 27-29, we raised an incredible $1,925 to support families separated at the U.S. Mexico border. These funds were raised through the sheet music sales of “Immigrant Song” and donated to RAICES, an organization providing crucial services for these families. I was touched to see so much support for these families and would like to thank everyone who contributed to this important cause. I encourage everyone to continue to support social causes through volunteerism and activism. It’s easy to passively normalize the negativity in our world through our inactions. Let’s keep fighting the good fight.

With love,



July 27: The family separation crisis at the U.S. Mexico border has hit home for me, both as a new parent and as the son of a Mexican immigrant. Despite court deadlines, hundreds of children, mothers and fathers remain affected. From July 27 – 29, I’m donating 100% of profits from my marimba solo “Immigrant Song” to RAICES, a charitable organization that provides representation, counseling and other crucial services to these families. If you play marimba and want to help the cause, pick up a copy of “Immigrant Song” at this link and spread the word if you can. If you don’t play marimba but still want to help the cause, purchase the piece at the link above and I’ll gift your sheet music to a public school in Texas while donating your funds to RAICES ($25). Thank you so much for considering.

With sincere gratitude,


New Video: Space Junk

Last year, I wrote children’s story called Space Junk. It’s about a little star who gets covered in space junk, makes her way out of it, and creates beautiful things with it.

Lagan Percussion commissioned me to compose a piece to accompany the story, for percussion quartet + narrator. After the piece was written, they schlepped their instruments to the top of an empty parking garage on a windy night in Waco, filmed this ridiculously cool video (with a drone I think), and made my story come to life. I narrate too. Thank you, Lagan!

The illustrated children’s book for Space Junk comes out later this year, but the piece is now available for performance if anyone wants to program it. This past year has been such a fun and exploratory year for me, writing and composing in new ways, searching for new ground, and just trying to refresh my music brain. Space Junk reflects that, I think. I hope you dig it.