PASIC 2015!

Hey percussion people. I’m happy! PASIC 2015 is almost here. I’ve got a few things going on at PASIC that I hope you’ll mark your calendars for:

  • World Premiere: Almaty for Percussion Octet. The PASIC 2015 International All-Star Percussion Ensemble will give the world premiere of my new piece Almaty, a percussion octet inspired by my visit to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Friday Nov. 13 @ 2pm.
  • World Premiere: Shared Space for Seven Percussionists. I’ve written a new piece for McCallum HS Percussion Ensemble, a winner of the HS percussion ensemble competition this year. The piece is called Shared Space. It features the shared instrument concept of my piece 2+1 but for seven players + vibes + percussion. Friday Nov. 13 @ 9am.
  • Panel Discussion: Successful Entrepreneurship in College Education. I’m sitting on a panel to discuss new ideas for the traditional college curriculum. I don’t plan on holding back. You should come. Thursday Nov. 12 @ 2pm.
  • Marching Percussion Show: Yes, you read that right. I know nada about the marching percussion world. NADA. But my friend Dr. Eric Willie knows a lot. Eric has created a marching percussion show of my music called Flow: The Music of Ivan Trevino. It features music from my pieces Flow, Into The Air, 2+1, Song Book, Vol. 1 and Catching Shadows, scored for snares, tenors, basses and front ensemble. Here’s a SoundCloud clip to give you an idea of the arrangement, which I think is stellar:
  • Eric, you’re awesome. Thank you.
  • Sheet Music for AlmatyShared Space and the marching percussion show will all be available at PASIC. Check the Lone Star Percussion and Steve Weiss booths. You’ll also find some of my newer works there, like Hold Fast, Electric Thoughts, This Too Shall Pass… and more.

I’m going to get back to this coffee / taco thing and contemplate a new piece for snare drum + tape. I’m really grateful for all of your support. It means so much to me. See you soon in San Antonio.

– Ivan