Anthem & Dance!

I video recorded two of my marimba solos months ago in my home. I thought it would be fun doing a video project from my home’s “music room” as opposed to a formal recital hall. After going back and listening to the takes, the classical musician in me told me not to post them online. “They aren’t perfect enough. The sound quality isn’t great. You could have played better.” So, I didn’t release them…

Just yesterday, I went back and visited these videos again with fresh ears. The rock musician in me said, “Why haven’t you posted these videos? Don’t listen to that classical guy! Raw + uncut is a good thing. Music shouldn’t be perfect, it should be genuine.”

The rock musician won out, and I’m happy to share these videos with you today!

Anthem and Dance! both come from a collection of short marimba solos I composed in 2011 entitled Song Book, Vol. 1. Anthem is a straight ahead pop tune. Dance! is inspired by two of my favorite musicians: Argentinian composer Alejandro Vinao and Flea, bassist in Red Hot Chili Peppers & Atoms for Peace.