Difficulty: Advanced
Duration: 4:30
Price: $25.00
Instruments: tuned metals; pitches B C D E F G A B D (pipes / crotales / glock, etc.), triangle, tambourine, hi-hat, snare drum, kick bass drum

You will be e-mailed an attachment with scores and parts within 24 hours of your purchase. Scores and parts can be printed from any computer. To pay with a check, email trevino.ivan@gmail.com.

Sweet Science was commissioned by Dr. Mark Boseman, a dear friend of mine. Rather than showcasing Mark’s ability to play fast, (which he does incredibly well), I wanted to showcase his independence as a percussionist via a quasi-drumset piece. There’s an artistry to controlling one’s limbs, making separate ideas sound like they go together in a cohesive way. It’s a very similar idea to the sport of boxing, where the hands, feet and mind must all work together in harmony, hence the name Sweet Science.