Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate
Duration: 3 minutes
Price: $16.00
Marimba: 4.0 octave


You will be e-mailed an attachment with scores and parts within 24 hours of your purchase. Scores and parts can be printed from any computer. To pay with a check, email trevino.ivan@gmail.com.

Feeling Better (2015) is a two mallet solo scored for 4.0 octave marimba. I composed the piece for Gabriella Reyna, a former student of mine at Baylor University. Here is a recording of Gabby performing the piece:

Gabby began her first semester of college with tendonitis in one of her hands, which inhibited her from practicing and performing. It made me sad to see her concerned; no student wants to start their college experience like that. While she recovered, I decided to write her this piece. I wanted to give her something for two mallets, a simple piece that would help her ease into playing again. Nothing stressful; just simple and musical.

Gabby’s condition improved throughout the semester, so much so that she gave an end of semester jury, including a wonderful performance of Feeling Better.

While simple, Feeing Better might be the most expansive piece in my catalogue in terms of its reach. I can envision beginners using the piece to work out technical and expressive elements, and professionals playing the piece as a meditative, simple moment in an otherwise heavy program.