Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced
5.0 marimba
Tech needs: Amplification, Headphones for click track, Headphone splitter (one that splits the audio track into two mono signals, like this one or this one.)

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Electric Thoughts (2014) is scored for marimba soloist + audio track and was commissioned by a consortium of percussionists led by Dr. Christopher Lizak.

Electronic pop music has had a lasting influence on my musical and compositional vocabulary. From Radiohead’s Kid A to Jon Hopkins’ Insides, I’ve been drawn to music that organically melds artificial instruments with real ones.

Given our constant need for technology, the idea with Electric Thoughts is to find a balance, using the tape part to simply enhance, and not overtake, the live performer. I attempt to accomplish this by taking my favorite qualities of the marimba and enhancing them with electronic accompaniment; coupling rhythmic passages with unison drum beats and lyrical passages with electronically sustained sounds. This healthy balance reflects the role I’d like technology to play in my my own life; a balanced accompaniment.

– Ivan Trevino, Sept. 2014