Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced
Duration: 6:00
Price: $50.00 
Instruments: shared setup of one 5.0 marimba, one vibraphone, one glockenspiel, two toms and one cajon.

You will be e-mailed an attachment with scores and parts within 24 hours of your purchase. Scores and parts can be printed from any computer. To pay with a check, email trevino.ivan@gmail.com.


Shared Space
(2015) was commissioned by McCallum High School Percussion Ensemble for their 2015 PASIC showcase concert. The piece is scored for seven percussionists who share a setup of one 5.0 octave marimba, one vibraphone, one glockenspiel, one cajon, and toms. At times, up to five players perform on the same keyboard instrument, some standing on the opposite side of the instrument, creating a challenging and fun learning and performing experience.

The idea of community is deeply embedded in the music world. We as musicians do best when we support one another and our projects. I’ve developed this kind of relationship with McCallum High School’s music program. The school is located just blocks from my home in Austin, TX. In the fall, during my morning coffee run, I can hear the McCallum drumline warming up in the distance. We’re that close. I’ve coached their percussion ensembles; they’ve hosted my band for concerts. I’ve given clinics there; they’ve let me utilize their rehearsal rooms. It really is a shared space, a shared understanding of supporting what we do as artists.

My connection with McCallum high school extends even further; my wife Amanda is a 2005 graduate of the school and was drum major of the marching band. Small, small world.

I’d like to thank Matt Ehlers, Carol Nelson and the rest of the McCallum music faculty for their continued support. Congrats on such a wonderful concert at PASIC!