Difficulty: Advanced
Duration: 10:00
Price: $40.00
Drum Set, Vibraphone, 2 bass bows, Flute, Bass Flute, directional/cardioid headset mic with wireless body pack and receiver for flute, two directional microphones on vibraphone (suggested), effects via guitar pedals and/or Ableton Live.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE PDF You will be e-mailed an attachment with scores and parts within 24 hours of your purchase. Scores and parts can be printed from any computer. To pay with a check, email trevino.ivan@gmail.com.

Things We Dream About was commissioned by A/B Duo in 2013. It’s a duo for a flutist and percussionist, and is scored for amplified C-flute, bass flute, vibraphone, and drum set.

Dreams are both bizarre and beautiful, and I’m reminded of this each time I see Michael Gandry’s film The Science of Sleep. Dreams often times exaggerate our emotions and sometimes help us experience things we cannot experience in real life.

Love, success, clairvoyance, and happyness are four things we all dream about, and four sources of inspiration for this piece.

I. Love
We all long for it. Sometimes we find it. Sometimes we loose it. We never forget the first time we fall in love, or the last time we fall in love. (Listen here)

II. Being a Rock Star
Growing up as a young classical percussionist, I often hoped and dreamed that Radiohead had a “marimba” vacancy. It never happened, but that didn’t stop me from dreaming about it. (Listen here)

III. Ghosts
Inspired by the opening scene of Gandry’s film. I often dream about dead relatives and loved ones. Talking to them, embracing them, wishing they were still here. (Listen here)

IV. Fun!
Ever wake up from a dream, smiling and laughing? Those are the best! This is a pop tune inspired by Matt & Kim, a keyboard and drum duo I like from Brooklyn. (Listen here)