Here are some frequently asked questions about commissioning me to compose new pieces:

Do you accept commission requests?
Yes! I love writing music.

Do I have to be a famous musician to commission a piece from you?

How much does it cost to commission you to write a piece?
That depends on the length of the piece and the instrumentation you request. For example, if your commission request is going to take three months of time to compose, I’m going to request a fee that reflects that amount of time and energy.

Is there a contract involved?
Yes. The contract outlines terms of the commission, such as when you will receive the piece, your rights as the commissioner, and my rights as the composer.

What if I can’t afford it?
There are other options to acquire funding. For example, you could organize a consortium of many people who pull funds together to commission the piece. There are also grants available to help fund commissions. Another option is creating a kickstarter campaign, which is being utilized more and more to acquire funding for commissions.

For additional questions, get in touch via my contact page.